My name is Kim.  I really don’t like that as a first line, but I couldn’t think of a better way to start off.  I bet you can’t beat me at a useless facts trivia game though!  I don’t play them often, but when I do I rock!  I really do love sweet tea.  I also have a terrible habit of crunching ice while I drink it.  So if you see me with a drink, two things:  it’s probably sweet tea and I’ll have a lid on it so I don’t annoy you with my bad habit.  I have a big sweet tooth.  Cupcakes are my fave, but I won’t turn down a piece of my favorite pie.  However, if it’s going to come with ice cream, they absolutely cannot touch.  I can’t have my food touching.  If it does touch, I’m going to separate it.  I don’t like to drive cars.  Never have, probably never will.

The things that make me all silly inside are a photograph that perfectly shows the love between  a shy country boy and a sweet country girl and junk.  I mean old, rusted, should have been thrown away junk.  Quilts so faded you can read through them.  Recipe books (or books of any kind)  that are so old the pages are caramel colored.  Clawfoot bathtubs and rusted box springs.  Hinges rescued from old barns and fireplace mantles from old houses.

I married my husband in 2002 and by 2011 we managed to have 3 girls.  I homeschool the older two and teach the 3 year old class at the church we attend.  My love of weddings started at that church.  My aunt happens to be the church secretary and coordinated the weddings that were held there some years ago.  I was lucky enough to get to help her on occasion.

After marriage and kids, what do new mom’s do……..get a camera!  I finally put that camera and all I learned and weddings together.  Photographing a couple new in love reminds me of my husband and I .  I want you to have those same feelings caught for you and your future husband.  Doesn’t that feel awesome to say?!  If after reading all this, you think we’ll make an awesome pair, give me a shout and we can get together, hang out, and chat about important things.  Like wedding colors and bridal gowns.

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